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About Us

LR Management

Since its inception in 1999, LR Management, led by industry veteran Leslie L. Etterbeek, has become one of the most experienced and diversified real estate management firms in the Southeast Michigan region. LR Management is composed of a knowledgeable group of leaders with a passion for high performance based upon four key principles:


From all perspectives, owner, investor or resident, LR Management will strive to be recognized for providing the highest level of professional management services, with a sharp focus on meeting and exceeding the financial and operational goals set by our client.

Human Capital

Through the years, LR Management has maintained a strong emphasis on developing and fostering an employee base built on knowledge, diversity,    professionalism and strong business ethics.

Integrity and Accountability

The leadership team and employees at LR Management are bound by the commitment to act with integrity, accountability and honesty in order to inspire client relationships based on trust.

Diversification and Flexibility

In the interest of providing the highest level of professional service, LR Management recognizes the need to employ a business approach based on diversification and flexibility, embracing change to help our clients stay ahead in an ever-changing, dynamic industry.
LR Management, with decades of combined experience as property owners, managers, brokers and real estate developers, offers our clients the opportunity to align with a professional team and a management system built on a proven, deep -rooted track record of success.